Direct Payments Support Service

Direct Payments are a way of getting more choice and control over the support you are assessed as needing from Adult Social Care or Children’s Services.

The Direct Payments Support Service assists people to look at options and provides a range of support when using or thinking about using Direct Payments, including:

  • Individual support to look at how you might use a Direct Payment.
  • Support if you choose to employ your own personal assistants and support workers, including a full payroll service and recruiting and advertising support.
  • Peer support groups and user involvement forum.
  • Newsletter to keep you up to date with any changes.
  • Advice and support help line.
  • Support to help you manage your Direct Payment financially.

We also provide support for people who pay for their own support, live outside Darlington, use Independent Living Fund or receive a personal health budget.

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Address: Unit 1P, Enterprise House  Valley Street North  Darlington 

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