Age UK Darlington (Home Care and Repair)

The service aims to do jobs that take no longer than 3 hours to complete, although in some circumstances, handypersons can work together to do jobs that require two people.

Examples of the type of works the handypersons can do include:

  • Home Safety - fitting smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, key safes, grabrails and removing tripping hazards such as re-fixing carpets.
  • Home Security - fitting door and windows locks, door chains and viewers.
  • Minor Electrical Works - replacing bulbs, cords, fuses and plugs.
  • General Repairs and other minor jobs - such as moving furniture, easing and refitting doors, changing curtains, lowering shelves.
  • Moving Home - the handypersons can do jobs that help you move into and settle in a new home.

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Bradbury House Beaumont Street West

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Address: Bradbury House  Beaumont Street West  Darlington 

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