Local Offer
As a part of our commitment to providing an inclusive education we have an additional resource for up to 12 students identified as having more specific needs due to autism. We aim to provide a high level of support enabling all students to access a…
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Local Offer
Advisory teachers supporting children in mainstream schools with visual and hearing impairments (from birth to 19), physical or medical impairment (school age 4-16) Mina Kaur - Teacher of the Deaf Clare Holliman - Teacher of the Deaf Jenny Hill – Advisory teacher for children with Visual impairment Jan Littlejohn -…
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Local Offer
Clervaux offers day and residential care places to young people and adults with complex learning and behavioural difficulties and support them in gaining training and further education. The residential provision, Clervaux Life, carries the Trust’s vision to a whole-life approach providing 24-hour care and seeks…
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